Emergency Storm Damage

Trees damaged in heavy storms can cause dangerous situations. Strong winds can easily uproot trees and cause large branches to fall onto buildings or cars. Storm damaged trees can create a precarious removal process. Emergency removals are extremely unpredictable and factors such as the stability of a building or structure compared to the weight of a damaged tree or limb can present unforeseen danger.  The qualified professionals at Pro Tree Service can handle the most dangerous jobs!

Pro Tree Service - since 1994

Our company has been the reliable tree service for emergency storm damage for a long time. We have both the expertise and the reputation you can count on. Our professional team is prepared and will make sure your storm damage is taken care of! Call today!

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Why Choose Pro Tree Service for Your Storm Damage?


Work is done quickly and efficiently


Certified and bonded tree care experts


Your property is left looking its best


Leaving beautiful trees for years to come

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