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Taking care of Sioux Falls area trees since 1994.



tree care service trimming and removal

Full Service Tree Care

We take care of residential and commercial clients in and around areas in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. Our mission is to provide high-quality tree care services that our commercial and residential clients can trust. We take pride in improving the safety, aesthetics and health of your trees so they may provide you with years of enjoyment. 

sioux falls arborists

Licensed Arborists

We practice the latest tree removal and pruning techniques to insure the well being of your trees.  Your property, the safety of homeowners and the safety of our workers is always our priority.  Pro Tree Service has licensed arborists on staff at all times. We are also  highly insured and bonded to complete any project.

tree removal guarantee

Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed

Pro Tree Service has established an exceptional reputation in tree removal and tree trimming over the past 20+ years. We'll give you 100% customer satisfaction. Our business is very serious about our commitment to our clients and we look forward to our customer relationship! 



Tree Removal

tree removal

 We can safely remove any size tree to eliminate hazards or clear space for all of your needs. We dispose of trees in a careful and efficient manner to minimize impact to your landscape. ​ 

Tree Trimming

tree trimming

 Periodic tree trimming to remove crowded branches is done for safety, appearance, structural integrity, and the health of trees and shrubs. It is also necessary after storm damage.  

Brush Clearing

brush clearing and clean up

 We can clear any area of unwanted brush, making your property safer.  We also do large scale lot clearing and removal for any land development or projects. 

Cabling & Bracing

tree cabling and bracing

 Certain trees may lose their structural integrity due to crotch failure, disease or weather. Cabling and bracing helps support a weak tree, and can reduce the chances of complete removal.  

Stump Removal

stump removal and stump grinding

 Stumps can be a maintenance obstacle and a blemish to a beautiful landscape.  We can grind up to 3′ below surface in order to eliminate stumps and improve the appearance of your landscape.  

Line Clearing

line clearing from trees

 Pro Tree Service is line clearing certified and has years of experience providing this service through government contracts and independent coops.  

Emergency Storm Damage

emergency tree storm damage

 We're  ready and waiting for your call when it comes to emergency storm damage!  Don’t wait! 

Emerald Ash Borer

Emerald Ash Borer

 Pro Tree Service can save your ash trees! Call us today for a free quote. Please don’t let your trees die when Pro Tree Service in Sioux Falls is  waiting to help!  

Professional Advice

professional tree advice

 Got a question about your trees? Not sure exactly what you need? We are just a phone call away!